Colour Cell in Excel using Bumblebee

Hi everyone,

I would appreciate any help in how to colour a cell/range of cells in Excel. My goal is to get the entire top row to have a specific colour, but I cannot get it to work. For now I am just trying to get colour to appear in one cell.
I have had a look at the Bumblebee primer, but I cant find any info on there on how to actually apply the colour to the cell. I have created a solid fill style for the background colour (I think), and now am trying to apply it to the file, could any one point out what I have to do here?

Watch the input and output types between bumblebee nodes. They should all match. Right now you’re using a conditional formatting node (FormatConditions input) with a GraphicStyle output. Switch out Conditionally Format Excel for the BB Style and Format Excel nodes.

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What condition would you like to have? Add it also there and lastly you need a valid range. Only A1 for conditional formatting means: the rule will be applied only for A1 cell.

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Hi Nick,

Perfect, that worked exactly as I wanted it to, thank you!
My “Format Excel” node had an invalid input, which was the BBStyle, that’s why I never caught it, thank you for this!

Hi Deniz,

Thank you for your response!
Nick’s answer worked as I needed it too.
Thanks again!