Setting Excel cell to bold?

I’m attempting to use Bumblebee for this. So far, this is not working. I don’t quite see the way to do it from the Primer at

Please advise.

The text style node is missing inputs.

Is there a code block that is just neutral (do not change) for all of the other inputs?

object.identity? i think it just passes data through it and doesn’t change it.

I couldn’t get it to work with either Live Write Excel or Write Excel. Are there any full working examples to see?



This graph works for me. I think you have to feed the text style into the graphics style and then into the BB style and then Format Excel. I think BB data is just for the raw data.


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I was way off. Thanks to your image, I got it to work.

Strange thing was I had to run it once with “RunIt” = False, then run it again with “RunIt” = True for it to work. What is that about?


That’s because of how Python nodes are treated by Dynamo. It tries to save resources by not re-running all of the nodes all the time, so it checks if any of the inputs have changed for each node, and then tags them as “dirty”. Only these nodes are being refreshed. That’s why Python nodes require you to toggle to boolean to True, run it, and then toggle it to false and run again. That’s to tell Dynamo, that you want to re-run it.


I had no idea, but you seem to have mastered Bumblebee. I would like to hear your comments about it. Are there any glaring issues? Things that you are missing and would like to be fixed? Please post to GitHub.