Colored ceilling

Can anyone help with below error. Would like to see colours on different ceiling heights. Please help

When you remap your values’ range you should give it a min and max value.
Also are you using Dynamo 1.3 or 2?

What value we need agive please guide, I am using dynamo 1.3

0 and 1 judging from the inputs you gave the color range node

It is saying Sequence contains no elements at Math.RemapRange
and Null value connot be cast to Double at Color Range

Check your input then. What is the output of Element.GetParameterValueByName and why.
Expand the node previews to see what’s happening in each node

Will you guide on this, no clue what’s wrong

Hi @sps.25788

If you are feeding colors and indices to Color Range you might have trouble with the remapRange, maybe you are not feeding that node with proper values.
Check if don’t have null value or empty lists coming out of the Element.GetParameterValueByName (put a watch node and go through the list), if so, you need to either remove these specific elements (ceilings) or replace the null value by some number for these indices in the list

Click on those:

To see the lists of the nodes.

@Jean-Marc Cause it’s dynamo 1.3
It only has shortest, longest and cross product.
Auto came with Dynamo 2

but it should be set on longest…

@Jean-Marc I don’t think so, but there’s no way to know without seeing the outputs of those nodes in this particular case

It just I wanted to colored ceiling in view by there height, I came across few older posts and created one,
Now looking for solution on the script.

Ceiling Height Color Script.dyn (11.8 KB)


So apparently it’s outputing empty lists since it can’t find the parameters.
If you can expand the preview for the nodes before that one I might be able to tell you what exactly is happening.

So what happens is the following:

  1. You’re getting all the elements on a level and you’re trying to get only the ceilings.
  2. You just connected a string from object node and you are looking if that string is going to say “Ceilling” or not.
    But the thing is it’s never going to be “Ceilling” even for a Ceiling element.
    Because “Ceiling” is spelt with only one L and you wrote it with 2.
    So if you correct that, everything else should work

No luck. It shows the same error. Will try something else.

your filtering by bool mask is wrong,
but at least if you flatten the output list of the filter by bool mask(The OUT one) that should do.


Have a look at these…

Ceiling Height Color Script_MKA.dyn (42.4 KB)

Hope that’s useful,


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