Can someone tell me why we have to spell out the RGB to color geometry instead of an individual color node doing it automatically? Am I missing a step here? I see the red color node is looking for an input, but in my head this node should be outgoing only,

That node reports the red color value (number) of an input color. “How red the color is”

Clockwork has a great set of color nodes. Color.Red is in clockwork as well, with an output of absolute red.

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A few years ago @Adam_Sheather had an excellent ColourUI package that made this 100x better.

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Thanks John

@john_pierson with Dynamo version 1.1 It doesn´t Works :frowning:

Sadly, he hasn’t updated this yet. :frowning:

Try something like this:


or even better:

I will send that update to Adam Sheather and make sure he posts it to UI++ package.


I was also able to add a Date Time picker so I will send that along as well.


Very nice Konrad

@Konrad_K_Sobon this package works on version 1.1?

Has anyone managed to get this to work? I’ve installed UI++ and there doesn’t appear to be anything in the “dyn” folder and nothing appears in Dynamo. With the latest developments with Mandrill I would really love to have access to a nice easy to use colour picker - any ideas?

sorry mate but it never went out. I think Adam wants to sit on this for a little while longer. Email me at my gmail and i will hook you up if you share what you are doing with Mandrill :stuck_out_tongue:

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It looks like the Revit API allows for a color selection. I’m adding this bad boy to rhythm now.


I reinstalled Rhythm but did not find any ColorPicker :worried:

Sorry about that, it’s in this version


Got it, wonderful, thanks a lot! :relaxed:

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Amazing. Thanks for the implementation. Will check out the latest version of Rhythmn

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It does work as well as being part of the Dynamo 1.3 now. I think it’s in the dailies, if those exist.