Looking for missing Package - RevitColor.ToDynamoColor

A member or our team added a node to a dynamo graph but didn’t bother documenting where it came from… can someone help please?

In Revit 2019 here… and looking for package that has RevitColor.ToDynamoColor
a search for the node doesn’t seem to turn up anything.

Aside from this incident I am wondering if there could be some meta data that could be added to the node that would show where the node came from when the package that contains it is missing? I didn’t see any indication in the node’s help or in the the flyout error warning.

Hi @mdhutchinson,

The custom node comes from the Clockwork package.

Did you see this post ?

Thanks… I downloaded latest Clockwork.
Your image shows a Color.ToDynamoColor. I downloaded the last version 1.33.1 (Jan 17, 2019)

Did you rename the node?

I might have renamed it going from 1.x to 2.x - you can check the node list here; https://github.com/andydandy74/ClockworkForDynamo/blob/master/NodeList.xls
Changes are highlighted in yellow.