Color Picker from Rythm not working

I got this new rhythm color idea from this blog:

but it doesnt seem to be working. I toggle the boolean true/false with it set to automatic but all i get is this error message. What gives?

Hi @mix ,
what version of revit are you using? The color selection dialog is only available for revit 2017

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Oh, Im using revit 2015. That explains it I guess… :frowning:

Apologies for that. You might try Colour.UI as well. (From UI++ package). Adam built this node with his own functionality so it doesn’t rely on the Revit 2017 API additions.

I’m in 2017 so much I tend to forget about 2015. :upside_down:

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I downloaded that package but i dont see it anywhere, even after i restarted revit. I tried searching for that node, but it didnt find anything. Do you know if it comes in as a different name in the list on the left?

Core> Color > Color Picker


Heaps of thanks guys. I’ve been trying to find this color picker node in the library. I reckon it’s been changed to “Color Palette” in newer version of Dynamo.

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