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Hello everyone;

I’m new to Dynamo and trying out the sunlight hours component and couldn’t figure out these two things:

  1. The new ‘Generate Color’ node in later versions misses the ‘analysis surfaces’ input from the older ‘Color Surfaces’ node in earlier versions. What’s the way to input the surfaces using the newer node?
  2. Is there a way to convert HB Zones to geometries?

02_sunpath sunlighthours.dyn (27.2 KB)

Hi @ashish.khemchandani,

  1. You should use Generate Colors and Display.ByGeometryColor together to color the surfaces.

  2. You can use Surface.ByPatch to re-generate the surfaces. Is this what you’re looking for?

You can also use Element.Geometry can also work if you’re looking for the detailed geometry.

Thanks Mostapha, I understand how to generate colors now but when I run the sunlight-hours simulation,

  1. The surfaces don’t cast shadow on each other and the definition identifies each surface by itself without identifying the other surface as context
  2. In a very similar definition, I get the error: ‘Attempted to divide by zero’ when trying to generate colors (same EPW file)
  3. When trying to convert HBZone to a geometry, both nodes show this error:
  4. Is there a way to create legend?

I appreciate any help while I try to shift to Dynamo from GH!

File: 03_sunlighthoursAnalysis_02.dyn (46.3 KB)

Hi @ashish.khemchandani,

  1. I can’t recreate 1,

  2. and 2. Are you using the latest version of both packages?

  3. Seems to be a Dynamo issue. Restarting can probably help.

  4. Not yet in Dynamo but there are workflows to get the results inside Revit with legend. See here.

Hi @Mostapha
I think that we can show the numeric values in Dynamo too. I’ll work on it as soon as I go to the office on Saturday.

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Is it possible to get these numeric values in Dynamo? I am trying to create a legend in Dynamo so that I know what the colors from the analysis mean. Thank you!


I don’t know how someone can show these numeric values inside Dynamo, however I can send them to Revit.