Color Element Types from Revit with Dynamo


I am trying to color the items from a list and return the information back to Revit, but the Revit model does not change, even though the Dynamo script seems to work:

Do you have any suggestions what can I change?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @aninan, can you take a complete screenshot of the graph? :slight_smile:

Check the data types for your colors - Dynamo colors are not the same as Revit colors.

not quite, I think your are feeding element values instead of elements to the coloring node. :grinning:
If you don’t see a green selectable id next to the element list… this is the value… else it is the element. try feeding the list of elements to your filterbyboolmask node


Thank you! I realized now that was the problem. :slight_smile: Sorry, I am a Dynamo beginner…

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no pb, that is the purpose of the forum, getting everyone to progress

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