Color from solar analysis


I’ve done a solar analysis using the package “solar analysis for dynamo”. I’ve got 4 volumes and each of their faces has got a value of solar radiation. Now I’m trying to color each face using the output of solar radiation. I used ColorSurface but it doesn’t work (I don’t know what I’m doing wrong) and I also used ColorGeometry but the color is everywhere the same and there is no gradient as I wanted. Here is my Dyn file, someone can hel me please?
Thanks Color on Surface.dyn (20.4 KB)


Like this?


Yes Marcel it is good! But how can I connect the color range to the values of the analysis? I’ve got a a list of numbers for each surface telling me the radiation . I want that if the radiation is minimum the color of the surface is blue, if it is maximum it is red (for example) … Can you help me?


take the value and divide until the range is between 0 for blue and 1 for red.

i have 3 colors here, but the basics are the same
and math.round will give you whole numbers


Sorry Marcel, I did like this but I don’t know why it doesn’t work. Where is my mistake?


Maybe in the items
I chose surfaces of a coboid
If you want the whole cuboid
feed cuboids
i might not have understood your question