Color dimensions based of vector/line direction in dynamo


I would like to know if its possible to color all existing dimensions in an project with dynamo.
Existing vertical and horizontal lines need to be separated with colors “centerlines”.

I’m currently struggling with rhythm nodes but i haven’t manage to cook something up yet except that i get list of vector or line directions of all dimensions.

Here’s how i want it to look in the end etc…

Hi @Alex_MEP_Designs,
Welcome to the Dynamo community.
It is certainly possible. Try something like this: Dim Color.dyn (24.4 KB)


I like Amol’s approach, pretty much the same concept as my own that I emailed you just then (sorry for the delay, but good to see you came to the forums anyway). Adding the diagonal is a good idea I think - nice one.

Here is what I sent Alex for others anyway, this one is strictly horizontal/vertical or close to using a 2 way filter though. Give Amol the solution tick if you give one, just sharing for others to see.

dimension vectors.dyn (30.1 KB)


Thank you for the welcome and fast replies!

I see now that it’s the code block itself that i couldn’t build up correctly.
Need to get my hands on more material.

Thank you both for the solutions, will make my weekly routines less of an headache.

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