Collect Elements from Multiple Linked Files and Obtain Their Space



I am new to this Forum, although I’ve been reading it for months. Glad to now participate.

Goal: a list of all Spaces in the model, with sublists of all elements from 28 linked models that fall within the corresponding boundary of each Space (including ducting above).
Problem: The Space.IsPointInside node gives the output format I’m looking for. However, the points that are successfully generated from Element.Location+ (from Linked models) and the Spaces (not from Linked models) in Space.IsPointInside comes up with an error.

Custom Nodes: Bimorph Linked categories, Archi-lab get Linked document, Springs file drop down, Rhythm is inside space, Archi-lab (?) Element.Location+

Does someone have advice?
Thanks a bunch!

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Does your graph work with points and spaces within one model? I would start there and make sure that is true. Then work towards the other linked elements. Also, are ALL linked models using the same coordinate system? If not, you won’t get the results you want I don’t think.