Cogo Points Set Raw Description

I was hoping to use the CivilObject.SetDescription node to fill the Raw Description on Cogo Points but that was a bummer. Anything on the roadmap for this?

@John.DeLeeuw yes just after AU you will have access to Extensions for a CogoPoint that you can use to get/set name, number and description


Very cool!

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Hi guys, anyone tell please where to find those nodes, CogoPoint.ByGeometry, CivilObject.SetDescription.
Any tips on packages I can search as at the moment I am not able to do much.
The packages Paolo shown LandDevelopment, CogoPointExtensions, I can’t see them anywhere?
Is there a list of useful existing packages available?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @nivaldo.curcio, the first nodes you mentioned are from the Dynamo for Civil 3D 2020 installation. So you will only find them in Civil 3D. (not DynamoStudio).

The other nodes Paolo mentioned will be released right after Autodesk University, which is from 18-21 november. Not sure at the moment if these will be released in a package or in the Civil 3D 2020.2 Update yet.

package for now… but fingers crossed

Thanks Paolo, But is not released yet, is it?

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