About Rename a Cogo Point in Civil 3D w/Dynamo


what I want to address in this matter is simple, how can I change the name and description of a several CogoPoints in Civil 3D, with a dynamo script, either individually or by group of points.


C-Replanteo ----> The file

Can you share an example file and how you want the name/description changed? It would help me if I had a discrete problem.

Check out the Civil3DToolkit in the CogoPoint Extensions dropdown. The below two nodes should be able to do what you’re looking for.


hi, thanks for reply my issue
ok I’ll post the dwg

In C-Replanteo, take the dwg for your review

I just want to change the names of every cogopoint created from polyline vertex, and the raw or full description,

Thanks Omar.g for your reply to my post.

I tried to do it with those nodes that you tell me about, but I don’t have much experience with dynamo, I’m new to this, sorry for that, thats why I am asking you.

No need to use the Civil 3D Toolkit. You can do all of this with the basic nodes.

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Thanks for answering what I need. mzjensen
I appreciate it

I was testing the code that it shows me, but it still only works for me in the first point and in the description of all the points, I have to mention that each point was created with a counter, which is the one that Civil 3D contains by default, and when changing the names of the points with the code, it asks me if I want to replace the points that are already in the drawing

if you want you can get the file so you can check it.



The reason only one point is having it’s name value changed is probably because you’re only passing a single value into the .SetName node. You need a separate name input for each point. The points can’t have the same name. See below.
UpdateCogoPointNames&Desc.dyn (30.9 KB)

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Hi @WrightEngineering

Thanks for the code, works perfectly but I would like you to make a little modification, if you can, that if I can select a number of points in the drawing, not calling it from the point group, would be excellent, since as you can see in the drawing, I have the parcels, each one differentiated separately, the difference is that they are in the same group, but with a different name, i.e. T2A1-1, is the name of the first point, I want to change it by TI1-1, if you look only at the first string of characters change, the numbering does not change. And so on with the rest of the points

That’s why I only ask for that modification

Regards and thank you so much.

You could add sub point groups in the civil 3d document and add the points to those more specific point groups and change the string name accordingly. Or you can probably replace all of the nodes up to the “CogoPointGroup.CogoPoints” node with a “select objects” node from the C3D toolkit.

Hi @WrightEngineering

Thanks for your advice, I tried your code as indicated and it works fine, In the video that I show below, there is the routine that I have to do for each parcel.

There are many really, and you imagine that later I have to change the names of each point. It’s not because of what I have to do, but because of the time this takes.

For now, what I did was group the points by description and then with the code that you provided me I changed the names of the points.

I use this for grup the points: Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.
and for the rename the points, use the code you gave me abobe

Thanks for your help, I appreciate the time you took to do that

Best, Regards

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