Cobie Parameters to excel, but want to export back

I have created a dynamo script to export the cobie parameters I need to an excel sheet. But I want to modify this data and export it back to the revit schedule it came from.

How do I go about doing this. I have had a quick look on here, but scripts seem massive, I dont know if that is what I need.

Cobie Export Air Terminals3.xlsx (89.9 KB)

I am not sure I understand, do you want the parameters set in a document or is it scheduling???
If it is setting the parameters, then is there a shared parameter for COBie parameters, and I have made an example here which might give you some ideas

Basically I have created a schedule in revit, containing the above parameters (cobie) which I can export to excel using the script above, But I want to be able to add stuff in excel and then inport back into revit schedule.


First off im dutch so excuse my english (not perfect)
If you want to import data back in from excel, the data has to go to the correct AirTerminal in Revit.
To do that you need some kind of identifier in your excel data so the data that comes back in at the correct AirTerminal.
Every element in Revit has its own Id, but you cannot see that in schedules, so you need another trick, or think about skipping the schedule approach.
If you click the search button you will find your answer or we will help you further if needed.

I see, the schedule are filtered by family then type and not every instance is itemized

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anyone help please.