Automating Revit (shared) parameter selection for COBie Attribute sheet export using BIT

First time poster and very new and inexperienced in the use of Dynamo but have found useful threads for automating mass generation of shared parameters from an excel file into Revit. But what i’m in search of now is taking that one step further.

Does a Dynamo workflow exist that has the ability to read (for example) an excel spreadsheet with a list of shared parameters that have been added to a project, which are then automatically selected for export via COBie using the BIT add-in?

The alternative is to manually review and tick a box from an expanded list within BIT, a process i’m hoping can be automated (and then subsequently saved as a settings file for BIT so the dynamo process only needs to be run once, unless shared parameters are added/removed from the source excel sheet)

I’ve attached a screenshot to help explain what I’m needing a solution for. One thing that might make a difference to any solution is that this current example only lists one Category in Column F, but the reality is there may be multiple categories listed (and separated by a chosen delimiter)

the red line indicating the field identifying it as a type parameter, the green line indicating the Revit Category(ies), and the purple line indicating the attribute needing to be exported.

Hopefully someone in the community has already solved this probelm.

Thanks in advance for any help offered!

I do not believe that the BIM Interoperability Tools COBIE exporter has an API, and as such this is likely a no. You could check with that product team though as it may be possible via something in the file’s extensible storage (where that setting would likely have to live so it was tied to the file) or perhaps an application setting.