Close duplicate types dialog box

Hi, I’m using springs copy from view to view. Awesome node. However I’m doing alot of views and getting heaps of Duplicate Types dialog boxes. Can dynamo close these? :slight_smile:

Unlikely without some modification of the node.

On the flip side, are you certain you want to just copy them over without notifying the user? It’s may be that someone should review each of these alterations in the context of the view to see ‘what broke graphically’, or at least to let the end user know that ‘duplicates’ aren’t necessarily the same for these element types.

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Thanks Jacob. We have 3 separate apartment buildings with some typical details. The copy of the typical detail section is purely a reference detail and only the one building will be used for printing details.

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Can python search for images on the screen. Say you took a small screen shot of the “OK” and then had python searching for that image as the script plays and if it finds it, it will move the mouse and click on it. I used to use pascal or scar or something along time ago to look for colours and images to move the mouse and cheat in games :rofl:

This would be good for closing some unnecessary dialog box warnings when I’m running a script to clean up multiple files to transmit

It’s likely doable, but not functional due to the processing cost of ‘watching’ your screen’s pixels non-stop, and there are better options out there for that type of automation.

Thinking about it. Kind of script I want to run in the background so the window wouldn’t even be seen in some cases. :sweat_smile:

This is worth reviewing closely: The Building Coder: Suppress Unwanted Dialogue

I was looking at the below before too. Is the code in the link python? Would it just be put in a python node in your script to close dialogs?

Not python - that is C and would require building an running a full application using something like visual studio prior launching Dynamo. Converting it to a Dynamo view extension may be a better idea though.

Converting it to Python may or may not work, Feel free to try. Perhaps using it as a means to launch the external application and close it would work.

Basically you have asked to automate outside what I believe to be the capacity for Dynamo, and you’ll get better results with a different automation tool.

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Since I had so many of the same dialog boxes to close in revit with a script. Ended up using Buzof. Handy program to close any reoccurring dialog box

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I have the same problem.

May I ask how you finally solved it?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Fernand. I just used buzof. It saves the dialog boxes you want clicked and just runs in the background