Close dialog popups

I’ve got a python script open a folder of models to upgrade, extract data etc

However a few models on open have warning dialogs (eg space is not properly enclosed) which require to press ok

Is there a way to suppress dialog boxes from appearing? or automatically closing?

@JB86 Have a look here Supress dialog boxes on opening files

@salvatoredragotta thanks for that., although its over my head though and I haven’t the first idea how to start to implement any of the code stated.

Can you offer and guidance?

I have no experience with the API, I was hoping there was something I could add to my dynamo python code

Look into the Rhythm package as I believe it has this stuff built in and ready to go. :slight_smile:

@JacobSmall thanks…but had a look but couldn’t find anything in his package. Nothing within the node either which would suppress it

Currently my batch upgrade model script is kinda pointless as certain models throw wanrings (eg dimension deletion), and need to press a button for it to continue

Thought you just wanted to upgrade. Better off cleaning the models in one graph using methods which do not cause such warnings, bulk processing with Dynamo for Automation package, and then doing the upgrade to the new version separately. This will give you adequate backup points of something is off.

Im running 3 different graphs on a bulk load of models.

This graph is just opening, detach, audit, save-as, but sometimes upon upgrading things break and fire warnings.

Hi, Did you get a solution for closing dialog pop ups? I also have similar problem.

not all warnings can be closed, you can try to implement a IFailuresPreprocessor Interface
an example here

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