Clean selection face


hello i am newbie to use dynamo so maybe its just a simple question likes

how to clean selection face like this image?i use select face, then in the geometry looked surface with orange colour.anyone could help me to clean this surface that i ve already selected


Welcome to the forum @w.pandu.w :slightly_smiling_face:

What do you mean by this?
What is the end goal of the use of this face selection / your Dynamo workflow?


when i save the file.that surface from select function in dynamo still there and i want to clean that.can you fix that?


Turn off the preview in the view settings?


once you finish using dynamo … Create any simple element "Draw a wall or a beam then delete it " this preview of face or surface will be automatically disappear.


WOW thankyou @jostein_olsen & @ingenieroahmad both of you are solve my problem…thankyou so much

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