Points on surface

I`m trying to get a group of points on a trimmed surface.
I used the attached script. It works but on my dynamo screen I still see the points outside of the surface.
It must be very simple to solve. Can anyone help?

Dynamo doesn’t discard construction geometry as you go. Points created by node 1 which are filtered out by node two still show in the geometry preview as a result unless you disable the preview of node 1. As such it is usually a best practice to disable previews as you go.

Right click on the nodes which produce points and hide the geometry preview, or select all nodes and right click on the background and select disable all preview. Then add an object.identity node to the end of the graph an’d wire the in output from the List.FilterByBoolMask node into the input. The resulting preview will be just the ‘included’ points.

Thanks for your quick reply!

Ive made a small script to put points on a surface. When selecting Surfaces from Revit, Dynamo seems to put the part of a surface which is being cut by a void in a separate list (see highlighted surface in the attached file). Im using this separate list to exclude points so that Im left with only the points on the actual surface. This is working but for some reason a couple of rows of points remain inside the void cutting surface`.
Has anyone an idea of how to solve this?

My guess is that this is a function of the list levels - try flattening the point list before you intersect anything.

If that doesn’t work, reduce the number of points (say step by 0.1 instead of 0.05), hide all geometry except for the non-intersected points at the end and the interior surface, and expand the previews along the way. Then re-arrange your nodes so all previews, nodes and wires are legible and use an image export after zooming in so the nodes and the data preview are legible. Post that image and a screenshot (as you have been posting) so we can see the geometry preview as well.

Your selected face has 2 surfaces, which as you say one must be the void.
Since you are only selecting the first surface (index zero), I’d expect your graph to get points which intersect with this surface, which it is doing.
I think the preview is not accurate and that the surface is obscuring some points.

To help others to help you, it is best to post a sample model and also the Dynamo graph itself, to save reworking what you’ve done and to reproduce the same results.

My simple test is an solid extrusion and a void extrusion, which appears as one surface. I’d start with whatever object you are selecting to work out why it is coming up as 2 surfaces, not one

My simplified version of your graph does work- although I did find the node Geometry.DoesIntersect produced unexpected results. Geometry.Intersect seems to work ok


20200102 points on surface.dyn (12 KB)

20200102 points on surface.rfa (356 KB)


Thanks for your reply, the script works now. The problem was that I mixed two diferent lists for filtering.

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Thanks for your help.

The problem is solved now.

When I use select face I automatically get two Surfaces. Maybe because in Revit I`m using a void in a family to cut the surface.

The problem was that I mixed up different lists to exclude the points on the void surface.