Clean family parameter value (Orchid Package)

Hi there,

I’m trying to clean my revit library. So I’m deleting all unused family parameters. Orchid package is really usefull to achive that.

The thing is that I want to clean some of them, in others words, I dont want to delete them but set none value in some of them.

I’ve tried this:

But the node is expecting a var and I use a string, so it is not working.

Dont know how to fix it considering that some times that var is a string, or a number, or even a url.



I think the error comes from the second input, not the fourth.
The node is expecting a string and you are giving it a FamiltyType.

There is an extensive sample collection of how to use all 100+ orchid nodes on the Orchid github of @erfajo

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You were right.

Thks mate


I wanted to add this for future reference and because I find it immensely cool!

A dictionary for the Orchid package.

Ex. the node you’re using: