Backround open familys and remove parameters

i try to load families from a path and than delete all parameters named in a list. In my example i only want to delete one parameter. But i have problems to delete builtIn parameter.
Error: 1:BuildIn parameters cannot be removed.
A workaround would be, to set the value of these parameters to “” or null. But i fail to set the parameters:(.
I use the Orchid and Rhythm package.

PIF_AS Eckdoppelabzweig_Wavin.rfa (680 KB)
18_09_19_Batch_remove_Family_Parameters.dyn (11.3 KB)
Any help would be great!

@Fiesta, there are actually two problems here:

  1. The node called “Parameter.SetValue” expects the typename as String, while you’re feeding it with the FamilyType element:
  2. Parameter value in the Revit family is blocked with formula:

So if you remove these obstacles, you’ll have the working script.


thx for your help! it worked:

If there should be more issues concerning Orchid then please read my profile for how to handel these issues.