All parameters from family

Normally colleague will download the Revit family online. it contains maybe 20 parameters need to be deleted. I have downloaded and installed your Orchid package. Just wondering if I am in the family building interface how to use parameter remove node to clean those parameters without typing each name in the code block like you demonstrated? Thanks.



Parameter.Parameters from Orchid will tell you every parameter in the Family, perhaps you can filter that down to remove the ones you want…

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Thanks Mark.

If inside of the family, how to get the every parameter by using parameter.parameters? It seems like it need to be in the project environment so that you can select the family to connect with parameter node.

Not 100% sure, but can’t you just feed it the current doc if you are in the family doc already?

It runs in a family…


…and if you try to feed it with a project file you will get an error.

please notice that “Document.Current” also is an Orchid node. The OOTB node doesn’t give you an “Autodesk.Revit.DB.Document”.

Thanks Mark. It works!

thanks a lot!

sorry for necroposting, does parameter.parameters still exists in current orchid version?
i was not able to find it