Classification system with Dynamo

Is there anyone who tried to add a classification system to a Revit model, through Dynamo from an Excel file with all the codes?

Classification of what?

Classification of all the elements from the model, like UniClass or CCS.
I know there are programs for doing that already, is just a school situation.

Certainly doable, and I’ve seen similar efforts but nothing shared as a full scale solution.

Maybe even in a small scale?

All elements of category for a given category, group by key to get sub-classifications in the category, then Element.SetParameterValueByName to set the classification parameter accordingly.

I am trying to follow you, but I keep getting the error of “the parameter name not found”. Even though I want to write a new one. Is it the node problem, Should I use a different one?

Is it a type or instance parameter?

Type parameter.
I want basically to write for each category : CCSTypeID, CCSCategoryID, CCSCodeID.
I want these 3 to be parameters for each element, and after that, the value of each it will be coming from an excel spread sheet, According to each category.

Then instead of setting a value to the instance you need to set a value to the type. Pull the family type and remove the duplicates and you should be fine.

But in the family type I cannot find “walls, windows, doors” and so on.

That will work for windows and doors and any loadable family type.

Walls, floors, ceilings, and other system family types will be different all around as they don’t have a ‘point’ to work with. You. Could grab a midpoint off the location line for some of these, but items which are sketch based (floors, ceilings, stairs) will require several more steps. And even with a midpoint things may go poorly. I can see instances where walls/pipes/etc are in 3 or four quadrants quite often, so you’ll want to think those situations through carefully.