Assign/Display a parameter just for some Family Types of Categories

Good morning, for my research project i was searching for a way to assign some Type parameters online to some Family Types of System Families (for example, Walls), and not to the entire Category “Walls”.

In alternative, if not possibile, to assign the Parameter to the whole “Walls” Category, and then to make the Parameter visible or not based on the value of another Parameter (for example, if the parameter Function is set on the value “Exterior” the Parameter is visible, if is set on “Interior” is not visible)

Thank you for your help!

This sounds doable with relatively simple filtering of elements.
Can you show where you’re stuck with the progress?

This is the first day in which i’m working on this project, so i’m not properly stuck. The main goal is to achieve all this buy using Dynamo, so my question is, do you mean filtering inside Revit on inside Dynamo?

Ah alright :slight_smile:

I mean fitlering inside of Dynamo, you could easily get all walls in the project, filter by your criteria so you end up with a list that only contains the walls you wish to give an extra parameter and then you add said parameter

The only problem with this approach, which i tested now, is that i do have first to create the parameter for the whole Walls category, then i do apply Setparametervaluebyname only to the Family Types i’m interested in.
There is no chance in my knowledge to create a parameter only for a list of Elements/Types as input.
The consequence is that i still see the parameter (with no value) even in the Family Types in which i’m not interested to see the parameter.

Hi @umberto95 ,

This is more of a Revit question, how would you do this when you leave Dynamo out of the picture?

Maybe with a key schedule? I don’t know for sure because i’ve never really tried to use it