Clash Detection in Revit Using Dynamo

I was wondering if anyone could help me with this graph. I got it from Dieter Vermeulen’s Autodesk University presentation Construction Dynam(o)ite . I’m having several issues.
1- I cannot get the clash markers to attach to the clashed elements
2- I need this script to function in Revit 2018 & 2019
3- I need the graph to run in Imperial units instead of Metric.
4- I cannot figure out how to get Element.Create 3d Cropped View to function (it is supposed to create a separate view for each clash.
For some reason, I cannot upload the files for people to view. All the files I am working in are available from Dieter’s lecture on Autodesk University in a zip file labeled “Additional Class Material.”

Hi @N8kagie

  1. What parts of the graph doesn’t work/report errors?
  2. That should be a simple matter of inserting a calculation node (though Revit works in Imperial units already).

(Your profile might not yet have the option to upload files though these are also quite heavy, I’ve placed the needed files in my Dropbox for ease of anyone interested)

Here is a link to a Dropbox folder containing the actual files I am working in. I have included screenshots of the nodes throwing the error. Drop Box

I see, your issue is most likely not with Revit 2018 or 2019 but with the changes between pre-2.0 Dynamo and post-2.0 Dynamo.

You can pull the content of the custom nodes into the workspace and identify the issue that way. It should be a simple matter of syntax.

I uploaded two of the .dyf’s that are giving me a headache. Document.Save.dyf wont save the Document for 2018 to initiate the clash indicator find/delete function. The Element.Create 3D Cropped view.dyf from steam nodes is throwing the indices error. As far as I can tell its a Python error? My skills with Python are zero

I have not yet updated to Dyn 2.0 so I cannot open the .dyf file that you’ve modified.

Document.Save.dyf looks quite fine in the code. Unless the “.save()” function have been depricated.

Hi, I am getting error in script, creating 3d views for clash, please someone help to resolve that.