Clash detection between Walls and electrical Equipments

Hi there

I am trying to to make a script, that can give me a clash, if there are a Electrical equipments that is placed wrong on the walls. but my “Node” (Revit Element Clash Detection V1, does just give me a empty list.

I would like to share my script, but I am a new user, so I can not upload attachments??

Can any one help me?


You can add a picture of your graph and join your .dyn file with a wetransfer, dropbox link.

You’re using linked documents.

You probably need to use the coordinate transform of the link like this :

Use BimorphNodes, it’s about 10,000x faster and includes purpose-built nodes for clash detection using linked elements. :+1:

Details here if it’s of interest.

Thanks for your respons!

I have tried to replace the nodes, but it still gives me “Null” in the result. is there anything else I do wrong?

Thanks Thomas!

I have Looked at BimorphNodes and it works fine, but I need A ClashPoint, so I can insert a family,
Where there is a clash - Do you know how I find it?

You could modify the workflow shown in the video here to suit your requirements: