Highligting clashes in Revit model

Hi all

I’m looking for help with a script I found to export clash results highlighted in a Navisworks clash test into Revit. The script is intended to give clear visual indications of where there are clashes, as detected within Naviswroks, within the Revit file

The idea is that you select a Navisworks file, select the clash tests and results and create a list of instances by element ID. By then having a project parameter called ‘clashes’ within Revit set to a yes/no function and specified for the family categories that correspond with the clash tests.

The Dynamo script should then be able to inform the Revit model which instance has a Clash ‘yes’ instance. By using a view filter the element can then be highlighted with a warning color.

I’m getting far enough with it but there are errors. The ‘Element.SetParameterByName’ node is not returning any values as if no information is getting to it

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Brian,

Were you able to develop the final script for this? I too am looking for a way to highlight elements in revit per element ID that clashed in navisworks.

Thank you

@bdeprey plz check this: it get id of clashed elements and you can assign clash name in it’s comments parameter or override color in view to highlight them.
i wish this will help.

Navisworks-Revit Integration_R02.dyn (556.7 KB)

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Thank you very much for this. Greatly appreciated.

My next obstacle is getting the clashed element ID from a linked MEP model within our Architecture model.

Thank you again for your efforts.