Clash Detection and Peneteration view

Hello Guys,
New Dynamo User here, I am working with a coordination model and I am trying to create clash spheres around the clashes between floors and pipes, which come from different linked models.
I am getting problems from the LinkElement.OfCategory not and the Revit Clash detection i missing something here ?

Try using “Springs” node to collect linked elements from an instance


What package does the clash detection node come from?
Anyways when a custom node (the ones that look like multiple nodes stacked one on top of each other) does not work I double click on it to edit it, copy all the content, go back to my script, paste its content there and connect everything, so that I can see where nodes start turning yellow…

@MBarakatNEU6Z Try removing the nulls from the list of link instances output by the Get Documents, otherwise you’ll get dereferencing exceptions which is going to have a knock-on effect downstream in your graph. You could also look at modifying the workflow shown in the video below to get the points; it will be far more efficient and your only option if you are working with a lot of elements:

It comes from the Bakery Package