Clash Detection in Bakery package not generating a list

Hi All,
Trying to do what many have done before in placing a family and the intersecting point of a wall and pipe and the stumbling block is probably something simple that I can’t see. Im using the following previous posts as a guide.

After installing the bakery package and all the dependencies outlined here Bakery Package doesn't work - #2 by Kulkul I’m unable to get the list in the Revit Element Clash Detection v1 to populate?

What is the simple thing that I am missing here?
Pipes and walls are in the same model.

Hi @CHazelton

You should connect values from AllElementsOfCategory to ElementsSetA&B currently your connecting Category. Cheers!

Thanks KulKul,
Trying that at the moment and its hanging for 5mins so far. (maybe the amount of pipes in the model)

I’ll check back in a bit after is stops haning and mark as solved.

Thanks again.

Try restarting your pc and run the graph again. I suggest you try using Bimorph package nodes it is faster.


I am trying to do similar thing except I am using MEP Fab Pipes and trying to find clashes with floor. I have tried using the Bakery’s Clash Detection v1 node as well as BIMORPH nodes but I am getting null outputs/Empty lists. Is it because MEP Fab Pipes are actually not Revit elements?