Detect collisions and insert clash


I’m having some trouble with a script, i’m still a bit new to dynamo.

I’m trying to separate the structural walls from the non structural walls.
Then i want to search for collisions with all the walls and cable trays.
If there a collision, i want to insert a family component at the center of the collision .E.g. a red or yellow sphere, depending on if the wall is structural or not.

However my script only seems to find some of the collisions.
I have opened the basic sample project, and made a cable tray, straight through some of the walls. I can’t attach the Revit file, but the dynamo sprict, and 2 photos is attached.

I hope you’re able to help, thanks in advance.

Kollision.dyn (41.1 KB)

I’ve looked at the script a bit, and i think i got it working. I changed the “Geometry.Intersect” nodes, “geometry” input, to use levels. That seemed to have worked.

However, i’m not sure what this does and furthermore. Everytime i run the script on my model, both Revit and Dynamo crashes, but then again, the model is quite large.
Is there anyone that can explain, what the “level” function does?
And is there anyone, that have an idea to make the script, less demanding, so that is doesn’t crash?

Kollision.dyn (43.9 KB)

Try BimorphNodes Elements.IntersectsElement nodes. Up to 99.7% faster :wink:

Some benchmarking here compared to Geometry.Intersects:

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Hi @Thomas_Mahon.

Thanks for the reply. I actually just stumpled on to “Bimorph” yesterday.
I’ll give it a try sometime this week, and let you know if it works :slight_smile: