I’m using Civil 3D with Revit and @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1’s CivilConnection.
I have discovered a wierd thing when extracting featurelines from corridors. As you can see from the image the featureline comes from a corridor that starts at station 20 and ends at station 115. Extracting the featureline returns a polycurve with a length of 94,189…
Any solutions for this error?

@noynpe This is not an error. Please compare the length you obtain here with the length of the corridor feature line in Civil 3D.

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As usual, I rush to a conclusion before thinking it over!
Indeed this is not an error, it simply happens because the point I am making the featureline from is away from the centerpoint in my assembly. And on an inner curve it would get shorter. This became apparent when trying to set out railing posts aling a retaining wall and adjusting the placement to the ends.

I have to adjust the placement of the joint I think…

if you need a fixed distance you need to use the geometry of the feature line, if you need a radial distribution you can use the station values. You can split by chord