CivilConnection: Issues with featurelines

I am facing problems with FeatureLines while using CivilConnection. I am learning to use Civilconnection by following the examples given at the GitHUB page of @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 and by simplfied tests of my own.

The problem is that nodes like “Corridor.GetFeaturelines” or “Baseline.GetFeautelinesByCodedoes not recognize any FL. Whereas running similar nodes at Dynamo for Civil 3D returns the correct FL.

Here is the problem, given at the GitHUB’s tutorial examples:

With my own tests:

Any thoughts? Thanks four your attention. :smiley:

For annotation: 2nd photo is taken from “Dynamo for Civil 3D” while 3th photo is taken from CivilConnection. Both are running the same C3D document.


@pablo.eizaguirre did you read the documentation? did you install CivilPython? Did you check the log file?

Yes, I followed the steps. If it is related with CivilPython, i could check i did it correctly

Checked, CivilPython is running well.
How could i check the log file? (Actually, i don’t know what you mean with it, sorry)

Temp folder, CivilConnection_temp.log

Given that it creates a XML file. How is it possible to have featureline elements that could work with nodes like “RevitUtils.AssignFeatureline” ?

have you set the Geometry Work range to medium right?


As you can see the log tells you there are many errors when creating the PolyCurves from the XML files.
Can you share the XML files (temp folder)?

Yes, thanks. The link:

No problems in the XML, are you using a comma (",") as a decimal separator? in that case could you change it to a dot (".")? This was an issue it has been fixed in a new version that I’m working on.

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That was it! I needed to change my Windows decimal separator to (".") and it worked perfectly.

Thank you so much for your attention and time. I really aprecciate it.