Civilconnection-problem of MultiPoin_2.0_DP

hi everyone
i am using the Dynamo script “[06]MultiPoin_2.0_DP.dyn” from the Civilconnection folder from github, with Civil3d 2018 and with Dynamo 2.0.4 with the CivilConnection2018.
the " Featureline.GetPolyCurveByStationsOffsetElevation" get a series of empty results.

Thank you in advance!

Can you share the Log file? Did you read the documentation? is CivilPython installed correctly?Is the Geometry Working range set to Medium?

yes,i have run other Dynamo script successfully from the Civilconnection folder from github.
i also learn lots of your replies adout Geometry Working range , the range is medium.

So can you share the CivilConnection log file?

ok, i share the CivilConnection log file later.

CivilConnection_temp.txt (5.1 KB)

Thanks for pointing this out there is definitely something wrong as I was able to reproduce although your log file looks a little bit “light” as there is no preprocessing of the feature lines.
I have to investigate why this is happening

you can try downloading version 5.0.3

After my tests,i think this is a bug possibly. maybe i can’t do anything but chang the the “version 5.0.3” Civilconnection’5.0.3 ?,can you give me a download link of “version 5.0.3”? thank you !

it’s in the same place where you got yours

yes,the “version 5.0.3” is ok . but i seemingly find another bug again.
the “ShapePoint.RevitPoint” gets points into revit local coordinate system,but the revit will generate two series of points at different coordinate, one’ coordinate is right, the other one is wrong.(my Revit document have shared coordinates with a Civil 3D document ).
please see screenshots.
i guess the revit generate the points again ,wrongly basing on " the project base point" .
I’m not sure i describe the problem clear.

please See the description above

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That’s not a bug, you need to turn off the Dynamo preview in Revit. The keyword in your answer is “guess”, please don’t do it. You need to understand what the nodes do before using them.

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paolo,can you share a example having a revit and a civil3d document? the two documents can run the “[06]MultiPoin_2.0_DP.dyn” successfully to generate a floor . l learn how to use this script .
Thank you