CivilConnection - geometry scaling issue

I am using Paolo Serra’s CivilConnection 4.0.4 on Revit 2020 and Civil 3D 2020.
I am having a problem with the geometry scaling. When using geometry scaling setting “Medium” I get the cross section drawn with the correct number of curves, although a bit messed up - so much that I can’t use it to loft as it self interescts. The AppliedSubassemblybyShape.Geometry node also returns a warning about the geometry scaling. Adjusting it to “Extra large” results in just one curve on the cross sections to be written so I am not able to use it.

Any suggestions on this?

The Revit project is set up with both ProjectBasepoint and Survey point in the following coordinates: x=113000, y=1283000 wich is close to the actual elemement in Civil 3D.

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The same script and result from running it with “Extra large” geometry scaling

Hey noynpe, could you share your Dynamo script + a corresponding Revit/ Civil file?
Then i could also take a look :slight_smile:

Annoying that I can’t upload attachements as a new user, gues it’s a security issue, but still…

Here is a wetransfer link with the Civil3D, Revit and dynamo files.

I get the same result if I try to create the geometry in the dynamo window or if I use the Mass.ByShapesCreaseStations node without drawing anythin in Dynamo first…

Hey noynpe,

I checked you files and one of the first things I see is that your Project Basepoint is located at 0,0,0 and your Surveypoint near you project.

I always switch them. Survey point always at 0,0,0 and Project Basepoint near my project.

For the Dynamo Geometry Scaling my advice is to always use medium, because Large and Extra large sometimes mess with the data. The jiggly line are because the graphic of Dynamo are not that great. When geometry in Dynamo is very far from the origin (0,0,0) the preview is jiggly but the data behind it is okay!

I have tested this with your files (had to make a new Revit file with the correct Basepoint) and tried everything in the way I normally do, but I see that something goes wrong in the conversion between the AppliedSubassembly and the Curves. It looks like the conversion mistakes the startpoint of the arc for its endpoint. (Corridor test_SwitchedSurveyBasePoints.rvt)

This is a Civil Connection problem I presume.You should post it in the Civil Connection Issues so @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 could take a look at it.

It’s a known issue, unfortunately it is not always consistent (even if in this case it appears so). The point coordinates are read in the same order as they are extracted from the Civil 3D Shape, so if anything the oddity is in the order Civil 3D uses to return these points in the API. All the other segments are fine, only the curves present this unpredictable behaviour.

Allright, so if I understand it correctly it is an issue that occurs somewhat random? Is there any way to force a renumbering or something of all the points in a shape?

I will do some more tests, but does it have something to do with how the sub assembly is built?

I guess I’m not that lucky that this is on the CivilConnection roadmap @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1? :smiley:

I got it working!
Changing the direction the curves where generated in sub assmebly composer did the trick!


Hi, when you say “changing the direction the curves where generated in sub assmebly composer” what do u really mean?
Because I have been trying do a tunnel in sub assembly composer tool and when I show it on civil 3D looks fine like a assembly and in Dynamo (civil)

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 @noynpe

But when I run the code in Dynamo (revit) looks wrong.

Can you help me guys? Please!!!
@noynpe @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

you need to recreate the subassembly, please search in the forum there was another discussion on the same subject.

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Thank you, Mr Paolo for text me back.
I really appreciate that.
I’m basically new on Dynamo so I’ve been looking on your forum all information that I think could be usefull for what I need.
With the example above I thought that it’s was like my problem with the subassembly contour.
I tried to do the subassemply composer by differents ways but I always found the same mistake.

Check the links in the subassembly composer and switch the start and end points, e.g. if you have a L1 generate by P3 to P7, change it so that it goes from P7 to P3, this changes the direction of the link in the subassembly

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I haven’t got a clear view on how it actually works, but as Paolo says, try changing the direction of the links, especially the curves.
I tend to set up all my links in the subassembly to run clockwise, if I run into problems with that in dynamo i change them all to counter clockwise.


Can I ask you something?
There Is any option for move a solid from civil 3D to Revit?
I mean a code like I showed before but not with baselines.
I’m not sure if I have be clear. But I’m so grateful with u for answer me.
@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 @noynpe