CivilConnection - 3D Solids not visible in Revit Interface

Hello Dear ones,

I found it really interesting that now infrastructure projects can also be created in Revit using Civilconnection package. I have successfully installed the civil python and CivilConnection dynamo package. Everything is working perfectly in dynamo but some reason I am not able to get a solid 3D object in my Revit interface. I would also like to mention that I have set the coordinates correctly. I have used the sample dynamo script i.e. “Model_Create a loft with sample lines polycurves”.

I am really looking forward to work more with this plugin Civilconnection2020. I kindly request you to all experts to provide me a solution. Many thanks in Advance.

I am willing to upload my civil 3D file but unfortunately, it’s too large to upload.



Were you able to resolve this issue?