Civilconnection - Dynamo script doesn't read the corridor baseline correctly

Hi everyone, I’m a new user here so please forgive my noobness.
I’m working on a model of a bridge on Revit 2018 and now that I’ve finished modeling the abutments and piles, I’d like to create Revit families inside the .rvt project from the Civil 3d road corridors using the Dynamo script “[01]Model_Create loft with sample lines_Shapes_2.0_DP.dyn” from the Civilconnection folder from github.
I’m working with Civil3d 2018 and with Dynamo 2.0.4 with the CivilConnection2018 package.

The script is able to get the baseline of the corridor and the subassembly shapes, but at the node RevitSampleLinesParameters the node returns an empty list. So the script creates a series of empty families as a result. See also the screenshot:

I even double-checked the Civil3d file and the corridor apparently has the stations and the sample lines - I confess that I’m pretty new with Civil3d and the package CivilConnection - so I’d like to know where I am doing wrong. Thank you in advance!

Can you post the dwg to check what’s wrong? I’m kinda new too but I think I can help with this.

Here’s the link to the Civil 3d dwg:

I re-checked the corridors’ properties and everything seems ok, as I said I’m pretty new to Civil 3d as well. These are the corridors’ names that I tried to change into Revit families through the CivilConnection script:

Also yes, the dwg is pretty heavy btw… Thank you!

you can use the node “Baseline.stations”,don’t use “Revitutils.SampleLinesParameters”

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Thank you for your feedback! I’ll try that node asap