Civil3d - property set - debug dyn file

I can’t figure out why this .dyn is not working.
My list is populating in dynamo to indicate that the graph is working.
however, the objects are not being tagged with my property set.
Any help is much appreciated.
Prop Set - Name Polyline.dyn (175.2 KB)

Is the property set correct defined? Is AECPSAUTOATTACH set to ON in your dwg or is it set to OFF?

it is set to “off”

Change it to ON and probably the property set will be added to polylines if they are defined as objects on the property set definition.
I wrote a scr-file for my company which set it to ON then it ran the dyn-file headless and then changed AECPSAUTOATTACHED back to OFF because we normally have it set to OFF.

The graph is working fine:


AECPSDAUTOATTACH is set to Off, you don’t need it.

I recommend that you examine the drawing to see if the PS exists, if the field is of the correct type, if you are selecting 2D Polylines and not 3D polylines, and if they exist on the given layers.