Civil 3d corridor to revit enviromnet

Hi everyone!
I have to import a pretty complex model of a roundabout in revit from civil 3d but due to the extent of the model, i get wornings and geometry errors if i use the procedure based on CivilConnection and CivilPython.
For this reason i tried to use the Bim4struc.Bridgedesign packege as shown in the Vermeulen’s post in BeyondBim, but it seems that the node “Road spline from excel” does not open the report.xml file i have generated in Civil 3D from one of the corridors.
If someone has some idea plese tell me!
I post some pictures of the whole proces…

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i have to say i made some custom subassemblies in SubassemblyComposer to obtain codes and coordinates of the corridor’s points. The model also look good in object viewer mode.

What are the coordinates of the project base point in Revit when you were using CivilConnection and what are the coordinates of the center of the roundabout?

Before trying to import the corridor via dynamo i have linked Revit and civil 3D with the Shared Coordinates tool, so that the Revit Enviroment could match the civil 3D coordinate system.

you didn’t answer my question

I’m sorry for my ignorance, but i do only know the Revit project base point coordinates and I don’t have the roundabout center point coordinates in Revit. I have tried to import the corridor using the AppliedSubassembliesShape. I’m evidently missing something in the process.

Anyway these are the revit project base point coordinates.Annotazione 2020-03-28 212925

If i’m not wrong these are the coordinates of the roundabout center pont.

Thanks, the coordinates look good. Can you check in your Temp folder for the CivilConnection_temp.log file and share it?

CivilConnection_temp.txt (30.5 KB)

i’m sorry for the delay

@andrea.dilisa95 thanks, change your Windows settings for the decimal point to use the “.” instead of the “,” and try again.

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ok, done. i’ll try to restart the process. Thank you very much for your support

At quick glance on the log there are no errors. If you still have issues, please share the DWG.

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Hi Paolo,
Unfortunately the forum does not allow me to share the DWG file because is more than 4 Mb (4.7) and also i cannot share the .pkt files of the subassembly because both gmail and the forum do not allow that sharing.

I hope you can give me an answer to the problems i am facing.

(Attachment DWG_Model.dwg is missing)

@andrea.dilisa95 can you send a WeTransfer?

Thank you very much for you time and help!

I see some of the feature lines on the roundabout are missing, when I have a little bit of time I’ll continue investigate if there are other issues.

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There might be some challenges with station roundings but other than that it is working fine

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Thanks. i am a new user of dynamo, so can i ask you to post the the process you adopted to obtain this result? not necessarily the script, also a generic guideline would be very helpful.