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Hi, please what is new in Civil3DToolkit 1.1.19?

bug fixing

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Can we have a node for Visibility check where in we can use feature line instead of Alignment and Profile? As sometimes we don’t have constant offset from the alignment due to varying widths of central reserve.

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Think I solved it. Sorry for bothering you! Will make sure I upload the correct files next time.

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Kudos for the package! It’s really helpful and extends the possibilities of Dynamo.
There is one node Structure.RimToSumpHeight that doesn’t bevahe as I would expect. Insted of assigning values to all structures, last value is assigned to all elements (lacing change doesn’t help).

Node Structure.RimToSumpHeight shows proper values but properties in model are not :confused:

Attached DWG and DYN files. Log file with this issue doesn’t exist

Why are you changing the object properties and not the Part Data? this was covered months ago, you need to read the thread from the top.

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WIP Superelevation/Cant nodes


I’ve tried various ways to assign this parameter but neither of them works for Structures created in Dynamo by PipeNetwork.AddStructureByPoint node.

Any ideas what could be wrong? I read the entire thread and haven’t found solution for my case.

Hi Paolo,

I’m using Import.Subassembly node to add a subassembly to an assembly, but having an issue with the Slope type parameters.
As you see I have two Slope type parameters, which comes in as they are when the subassembly is added to an assembly manually.


But when I import the subassembly using the Import.Subassembly node, the Slope types change to Double type parameters.

Do you know why it would do that? It is also changing all Distance types to Doubles - but this isn’t actually causing any trouble, just the slope one is.

Don’t have a log file for this, since it wasn’t causing any error. Let me know if you need anything else to look into the issue.

ImportSubassembly.dyn (14.4 KB)

Thanks in advance!

Hi Paolo,

I have two questions for the pipe and pressure pipe network, hope you don’t mind as I am a beginner in programming.

Can we assign the reference surface to pressure Appurtenance/Fitting/Pipe (like Pipe note) instead of assigning into whole network?

Can I specify the closest width and length for structure as simple as using the “Structure.SetSizeByInnerDimension” node?

By the way, thanks for all your hard work and effort in such amazing toolkit for C3D :pray:

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 Is it possible to change the Manning values for all the pipes?

Thanks for your help!

I have used the BlockExtension.SetParameterValueByName to rename the Xref name in the Xref Manager, but it does not update the Xref name. The parameter has changed but is not updating the block. Until I typed RENAME in the Commandline it finally updates the Xref names.
Will there be a node to update a Block or Object after setting parameters? - you can use the Part.SetPartDataValueByName node. The value you want to change is called ‘ACMan’.

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Thanks! It works perfect!


@mzjensen Do you know if it is possible to change the time of concentration value from the catchments areas using Dynamo?

image - you should be able to use the ObjectExtensions.SetParameterValueByName node.

  1. Use ObjectExtensions.GetParameters to get a dictionary of all the available parameters for the catchment object

  2. Once you’ve found the right parameter, use ObjectExtensions.SetParameterValueByName to set the value to what you want

  3. Thank @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 for making those nodes because they are very powerful

You can also search for content by @KirkWM, he’s good with that stuff.

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