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If I create a site prior to running the Dynamo script… and then try to get the Dynamo script to place the alignment on that site… it appears that the created alignment is placed in the new site.

Please use this page for requests I’ll add a node in 1.1.17


Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, please what is covered in this wish on github: C57 Extract Corridor Bodies? Is there also TIN surface creation from link codes and adding boundaries?

It adds the Bodies (derived from the subassembly links) to the Solids (derived form shapes) that are already collected in Dynamo OOTB

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

I was trying to extract EllipseArcs from a Civil3D block.
But i am getting wrong sweepangle values from the custom nodes PolylineExtensions.GetGeometry and the node BlockReferenceExtensions.GetGeometry.
I am getting a sweep angle of 360 degrees but in Civil3D it is around 35,48. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that the EllipseArc is drawn from top to the left and/or starts with 0.

Ps: love your package :smiley:

ExampleBlock.dwg (889.9 KB)
HatchFromBlockAttemp.dyn (10.2 KB)

The ellipse arcs in Dynamo are weird, you are not going to get the same angles unless the values are 0, 90, 180, 270, 360 degrees. I had to reverse engineer the construction to get the same representation in between AutoCAD and Dynamo (which is what matters). Also, in AutoCAD the Ellipse arcs are full Ellipses (which is carrying a sweep angle of 360 degrees! super messy).

Thank you for your feedback @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1

If this solution then isnt possible is there another way to get those EllipseArc angles?


1.1.17 turns out I forgot to extend the latest changes to 2d curves (sorry) and I was not considering some limit conditions, fixed in the next release


Okay, i will wait patiently for the 1.1.17 package update :slight_smile:

Hello, I’m not sure if it was solved here or if I missed something in Dynamo. How to Create Linear Dimensions?

it depends on the dimension type you need, here is an example for aligned dimension in Python

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I tried used CreateSolid Node and all return this message. Is something wrong with my C3D installation

1.1.17 is out, exposed some selection by name nodes






read the previous posts, since it is difficult to get people to attach the log file and I’ve asked multiple times, I decided to create the “naughty list” and I will not answer to those who make the list.
These people will not receive anymore support from me until they redeem themselves in any part of the forum.
You know who you are, I will update the list accordingly.


Thanks for your Answer.

I searched past posts before write, but dont see anything relate.

Could yout tell me where find log file? To Attache.


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How can you use these nodes in section - Navisworks?

Navisworks.dwg (934.9 KB)!AqZrweHw11Jogv8Q1d-Pth-dWtKhdQ?e=j1mZXg

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Thanks for all your hard work on this!


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I saw a video made by @safi.hage (can I share the link here Safi?)
I understand that in Civil 3D:

  • you create your list of viewpoints
  • you transform it to exchange (exchange.byviews)
  • you export it as xml (exchange.serializetoXML)

Then in Navisworks you inport your recorded viewpoints form your xml file.


Hello and happy new year everyone,
here is a video describing the process :
the workflow is the one described by @bertrand.savarit (merci :))
Folder name and content type are hard coded.