Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

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Hello to everyone!
it would be great to implement this features AppliedAssemblySetting into Civil3DToolkit.
Topics was discussed here and here.

@PankinAleksandr it’s on the back log of things to do already, as you can understand there are a lot of items to be implemented to access that functionality. You can do this via Python in the meantime. I suggest you start a new thread if you need help on the subject :slight_smile:

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Alignment, Corridor and Surface drop downs for Dynamo Player


Hey @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1, I am not able to get FeatureLine.ByPolyCurve to work with v1.1.9. It always returns null.

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@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 I would like to obtain block reference name after selecting clock reference on current application but i cant find a dynamo node that does it

@tpitera no need for the Toolkit on that one, it’s easy to do with OOTB nodes.

Nice, but I would rather have a generic drop down that we can populate on our own for maximum flexibility. Inputs would be “Name” for the drop down name and then the list to populate the drop down.

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@mzjensenthanks for reporting definitely made some changes there, need the log file though, I’m getting tired to ask for it…

@tpitera the name is a string/text, the object is a different type.

Yeah not necessarily related to Civil 3D Toolkit, more generic Dynamo really, but I get your point.

Hi Paolo!! I have one question about the future release about Civil3D ToolKit. Are there nodes in process about grading civil3D entity?? In order to automatize the process of creation of gradings and the definition of their criteria.


FeaturelineTest.dyn (15.5 KB)
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (743 Bytes)

@mzjensen thanks, can you confirm you did not change your UCS?

Confirmed. I ran this on a new, blank DWG. I also just tried again after setting UCS to World and same result.

@mzjensen have you got a Polyline in the DWG or not?

No. Just creating a featureline from a simple Dynamo polycurve (straight line with two points).

That’s not what I’m asking: did it create a Polyline in the drawing at this point or not?

Ah, OK. No it did not. But I see what you are getting at. If I make the polycurve planer on the XY plane then it successfully creates the featureline. But it returns nothing if the polycurve is not planar.

In the log it tells what’s happening: in this case the PolyCurve is considered Planar in Dynamo and that’s what is confusing Civil. When it is actually planar in XY it follows the right path. I’ve changed the definition of “planar” in this part of the toolkit, if you add even a single point very close to the end it should be ok.