Civil 3D Toolkit Feedback thread

Hi @JowennLua, thanks for inspiration. One of my favourite nodes now is ObjectExtensions.GetParameters. Here is my first test how to get subassembly parameters if anyone is interested:



I’m getting an error with a script that used to work and where i changed some nodes to use the new alignments.selection node and new getstationoffsetelevationbypoint node, do you have any idea where this problem comes from?

Here is my dynamo log
dynamoLog (5.8 KB)

@bertrand.savarit I need the Autodesk.Civil3DToolkit.log file in the temp folder. Can you confirm the version of Civil 3D you are using? there was na update on the API with regards to this method.

Sorry for the wrong log here is the Civil3DToolkit log : Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (92.4 KB)

I’m using C3d 2020.4

ok in this case it was not really helpful, I got only two pretty generic errors at the very beginning. Can you try on a different DWG?

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 I ran into a problem with PolylineExtensions.ObjectByGeometry, you can see below. The white line is a polyline drawn in AutoCAD, the red line is the result after offsetting the curve in Dynamo and then outputting back to model space. Files attached.

PolylineTest.dwg (405.8 KB)
PolylineTest.dyn (17.1 KB)
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit.txt (757 Bytes)


Yeap sometimes it happens but there are no discernable errors in the log.

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That’s unfortunate. Thanks for looking though.

Hi @Paolo_Emilio_Serra1,

You’ll find attached a debug dwg/dyn and the log (but it seems that there is’nt any usable information in it…)
Debug_stationoffsetelevationbypoint.dwg (2.0 MB)
Debug_stationoffsetelevationbypoint.dyn (9.1 KB)
Autodesk_Civil3DToolkit (2).txt (92 Bytes)

Hi Paolo,
Are these nodes released already or in progress? Do you have an expected date when this will be released? I was trying hard to find or create a node that could create baseline regions, and it looks like you are already on it! Awesome work and can’t wait to try them out.

There is a lot of work to be done yet, I prefer to release when it is complete, just remember the whole Toolkit is not my job, I do this on nights on weekends, so please be patient.


Of course. Thanks, Paolo.

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 I can’t create featureline from non planar PolyCurve. Is this the limitation of this node?

Log report says Curve is NOT Horizontal ERROR: Polyline is not planar

Hi Paolo,
I see you had some explanations about xdata with the Civil 3D toolkit.
When I use the GetXData Methods I get the warning “Warning: ObjectExtensions.GetXData operation failed. Index was outside the bounds of the array.” .
Do you have any idea what this message means. What could be wrong here?
Vincent De Breuck

Try and use the output of the AddXData node to feed the GetXData

@Paolo_Emilio_Serra1 I tried that workaround it doesn’t work:

Could you please try on this dwg which contains 3dpolyline:

3DPolyline to Featureline.dwg (901.6 KB)

Thank you for your reply Paolo,

Same issue :

I am using
• Civil 3D 2020 ![image|
• Civil3D Toolkit 1.1.14


Thanks for pointing this out, something has definitely changed since I’ve added the nodes to the package. Fixed in 1.1.15
please Note that the inputs are not single numbers and values but lists of numbers and values.

First, it works for me passing the polycurve directly in 3D.

Second, in your graph it actually inserted all the points, but found PI already in the Feature Line, check the Log