Create Offset Alignments

I don’t see any nodes for creating offset alignments; verifying if I’m just missing them (yet again)?

Hi @jameshitt,

You could try this:

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Thanks! Not 100% what I’m looking for, but I’ll be working through the Python script to see what I can learn and possibly even modify…

@jameshitt did you got any update on the code to input start and end station for offset alignment ?

I am trying to create multiple offset alignments from parent alignment and add widening to them. For ex.

Station 200 - 300 - 2m widening
Station 400-500 - 3m widening and so on.

But failing to find a python code with capability to add start and end stations in offset alignment. @mzjensen you can also through some light on this if you got some time.

Try Arkance Systems Node Library v6.0.