Civil 3D - Assembly - Set Parameter Reference

Hi All,

In the Toolkit i can’t find a node with can Set the Parameter Reference. Is this possible Python?

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Hi@JPS, Have you found any relevant solution for this, i am also looking for similar node.
please share here if you found any

Hi Mohammed,

I haven’t found a solution yet, I’m going to place a call with Autodesk soon. By the way, I must say that I develop more in .NET, dynamo is not fast enoung and i can’t make the tools GUI i need.

My English is not good
I’m not sure that you are I can help
But you can share an example drawing of what you want


I want to set the parameter reference for subassembly. Please refer to the image shared by JPS at the start of the conversation. Basically, we have the slope parameter in subassembly. I want to use reference and pull the value from other/previous Subassembly attached.