AppliedSubassembly.SetParameterByName in Input/Output parameters

I would like to know if there is any possibility of using the node AppliedSubassembly.SetParameterByName to change parameters which are defined as Input parameter and Output parameter at the same time (an example of parameter is attached).
It is possible to change the value of those parameters in Civil 3D, but when I try to do changes using the node AppliedSubassembly.SetParameterByName in Dynamo I get this error: Warning: This Value is not editable.

I would appreciate any help in that regard. I am trying to simplify the calculation of alternatives and without being able to introduce changes in those parameters the script loses sense.


@miso welcome to the forum, can you confirm that you have two parameters in Dynamo? Then can you confirm that you can actually modify the one that is not read-only although you are getting the warning?

Thanks for the welcome!
Yes, if I use the node AppliedSubassembly.Parameters to see what parameters has the subassembly I want to modify, the input/output parameters appears twice.
When I get the warning, strange things happens in the corridor. Dynamo changes some of the sections (not all) but in an incorrect way.
You can see both things in the image attached.