Circuit Tagging issue

Hi All,

I am currently circuiting lights/sockets etc in my project. I have my system browser open. I then click on a circuit in the system browser and details appear on my properties window. From here I give the circuit a number in the Load Name parameter which then updates the Panel schedule Load Name column automatically. This is all perfect, my issue is when I try tag the circuit. I want the tag to be able to pick up the Load Name automatically like the panel schedule does. I am not using wires to connect my circuits. If I was then I could use wire tag which does pick up the Load Name. There is a category parameter in the label call Circuit Load Name. The wire tag does pick up the load name automatically. I am using a light fixture tag for my lights, it does not have the category parameter Circuit Load Name in it. Is it possible to extract from the wire tag and use this parameter in other tags please.
One other issue, I have never used Dynamo before and want to make sure what I want to do is even possible before I try and learn how to write a Dynamo script.