Multiple circuits and tags sourced from a single family


We have a power pole family that is able to circuit and tag for a real world condition. The attached family is designed to feed modular furniture systems with a power drop from the ceiling. The issue is that we can’t tag the circuits beyond the original circuit. The device can be circuited to several panels/ systems, but we can’t tag any of the other systems beyond the original circuit. I wonder if there is something can be configured in the tag or the main family? Can Revit or Dynamo do/ allow this type of tagging? Any insights on the tag or the main family would be much appreciated. screencapture01 Power Pole-GA.rfa (336 KB) Electrical Fixture Tag - Circuit-GA.rfa (256 KB)

Revit can only tag the element’s primary connector (circuit). You have to tag the wires themselves after that.

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Thank you, @Nick_Boyts Will do.