Possible to edit electrical circuit parameters?

I’m trying to use dynamo to edit the “Load Name” electrical circuit parameter. The intent is to put that on a panel schedule. When I run the Element.Parameters it does not show that parameter in the list.

When I run the rhythm elements.getparametervaluebynametypeorinstance (nice name haha) it does not return any values.

Any way to be able to use dynamo to edit these parameters??

Hi @wsayle,

If this is a family type make sure to feed in the Family Type and not the Family Instance (or vice versa).

Hello @wsayle ,

In dynamo it suppose to give to value from get parameter / set parameter value by name. I think, you are facing some other problem.
Can you please share a sample Revit & .dyn file, which will represent this type of issue.

Processing: TestProject.rvt…

Processing: Circuit Load ID.dyn…

It would appear that I can’t upload the files. This forum does not allow me too as I am a new user.

Here is a dropbox. Sorry, noob to the forum.

you need to choose ‘Electrical Circuit’ as Category

Another solution is place ‘Element.ElectricalCircuit’ node after ‘All Element of Category’ OOTB node

That works! Thank you!