Circle Packing from Image with DynaShape

Related to this other post here on the forum about generating punch hole patterns from an image I am trying to find out if something similar could be achieved but using the concept of “Circle Packing (Google Images)”?

Instead of setting out the ‘holes’ in a regular grid like below:

I would like to ‘fill’ all areas with different sized circles based on the colour value of a base image:
(example image of Circle Packing)

I thought I could use #dynashape, but I admit that that is way out of my comfort zone at the moment and I don’t even know where to start. Any advice would be very much welcome.

Attached the script as I have used to create the above “regular” pattern (with help from this forum of course). Thanks again for the help there.638 Pattern Generator.dyn (96.6 KB)

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