You can use DynaPAT_PRO (Hatch Pattern Generator) - dyn attached

Hi, Dynamo lovers

DynaPAT is a dyn which generates *.pat files for Revit patterns
I know there are some add-ins and dyn from others.(including pyRevit)
I hope you can find some advatanges from mine though.

I created the first version about two years ago.
Recently I updated most of nodes with python to accelerate speed and minimize the graph.
Now it’s more than 3x faster than the first version, and with 1/4 sized graph.

What DynaPAT can do

  1. Non square pattern (any rectangles available)
  2. Patterns with curves
  3. Honeycomb pattern (There were two different scripts, and I combined them as one)
  4. Custom pattern size (What you draw is what you get)
  5. No template or line type specification necessary. Just draw your own pattern with any lines on any view. (you can use any two different line styles for boundary and pattern)
  6. It creates *.pat file, so you can use created files for other apps like Autocad.
  7. You can choose the pattern styles as Drafting or Model.
  8. Automatically detect current project units and apply it to PAT file. (inch or mm)

This is a video as an instruction.(It was recorded with the old version)

Watch below If you want to see some explanation. Each of them has subtitles in Eng.
(for Rectalgular pattern)

(for hexagonal pattern)

I’m releasing it here to express my gratitude for this forum.
Hope it helps you to enjoy your projects or find something useful in the script.
Please let me know if any of you have trouble on using DynaPAT.
Enjoy. :slight_smile:

ps. Special thanks to Dynamo Team members(@solamour @Michael_Kirschner2 @JacobSmall )
It can run on any Revit versions thanks to you.
DynaPAT_PRO_v2_fixed.dyn (242.3 KB)


Nice job, @Hyunu_Kim :blush:


This is super awesome @Hyunu_Kim! Love seeing all the epic patterns created in this workflow :smiley:

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fantastic @Hyunu_Kim , I’m a fan.
I had to make some modifications to adapt it to a French version of Revit.
Thank you so much for sharing.

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